Business Development

OmiseGO takes an integrated approach to community engagement and business development.

"True crypto projects build communities, not consumers."

It becomes difficult to separate community engagement from business development when simultaneously creating a completely free and open source product and an n-sided marketplace. Success depends on the health of a complex ecosystem of partners and collaborators, for a product that is equally aimed at enterprise providers and individuals operating entirely free of intermediaries.

Implementing this approach, OmiseGO has done no paid marketing (including bounties) and provided no discounts during its crowdsale to anyone, including VCs and media groups. Nonetheless, the OmiseGO subreddit and Twitter account have the highest subscription rates of any Ethereum project so far.

Official Statement

The following is an official statement made by OmiseGO.

Although we still can't share a lot of details, we thought we'd at least include a sketch of our business development activities.

We're continuing to engage with projects large and small who are interested to build on OMG, and preparing to open up our internal testnet to a select few. We've been working on proofs of concept with a few of our larger enterprise users, and one of our partners has a plasma chain running in a test environment. We've been focusing on loyalty points as an entry point for enterprise eWallet users who are interested to move onto the blockchain but not ready to jump all the way in. Points are low-risk and don't have the regulatory complications that come with fiat or even cryptocurrencies, so it's a good way to test the waters.

We've also been developing partnerships with exchange venues (no, we can't tell you which ones) to bring volume and liquidity to the decentralized exchange. We're working closely with those groups to make sure that the DEX has the features that they need in order to leverage the network effectively.

Strategic Partnerships

Hoard Exchange

Hoard Exchange will be a marketplace whereby users can freely buy, rent, sell or trade gaming assets. Source


MakerDAO is an Ethereum stability platform comprised of a stablecoin, a governance coin, and a decentralized governance model. Source


Status is an Ethereum light client designed to bring the benefits of the Blockchain to everyday smartphone users. Source


MVL is the mobility blockchain protocol behind TADA, Singapore’s first blockchain ride-hailing service. Source

OMG SDK Deployments


ELECTRIFY is developing an Asia-centric energy ecosystem that runs on the blockchain. Source


HubrisOne is a cryptocurrency friendly digital bank. Source


Shinhan Bank (OmiseGO)

Shinhan Bank (SHB) is the second largest commercial bank in South Korea in terms of total assets and market capitalization. Source

Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) of Thailand (Omise)

The ETDA of Thailand was set up under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to function as the main agency responsible for developing, promoting and supporting electronic transactions. Source

Government Outreach


On April 16, 2018, OmiseGO engaged in discussions with APEC, strategizing on how a regional sandbox for regulators, financial institutions & fintech organizations can better drive collaborative innovation & adoption. Source

Thailand SEC

On February 22, 2018, OmiseGO engaged in discussions with the Thailand SEC regarding initial coin offerings and exchanges. Source

Central Bank of Thailand

On August 15, 2017, OmiseGO engaged in discussions with the Central Bank of Thailand and discussed the future of the Thai econonomy. Source