This section is meant to hold all technical information but we are still in the process of sorting everything out... A lot is going on : research papers, eWallet SDK, Plasma material, etc.

Please bare with us while we are working our way into it.


Bi-weekly updates


Bi-weekly updates

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Proof of Stake Consensus


Official updates

Tengen : the end game

The Tengen milestone is the "end game" milestone when the OMG network will be able to support sufficient transactions per second to compete with traditional financial services, have a decentralized exchange with cash-in/cash-out capabilities and interoperability with different blockchains. In the Tengen development phase, Tesuji will be deployed on the finished OMG network: a massively-scalable, cross-chain-compatible decentralized exchange (DEx) Plasma chain.